Vintage in my studio? I don’t see why not…

Meet Loesje.
Loesje is a very typical Dutch name. She has a great vintage thing going on. When I first met her, she was wearing black rimmed, rather nerdy glasses -you know the type- which suit her to the moon and back!  We came up with this burlesque meets baroque theme, which we would have shot at a great location in Utrecht, were it not that they wouldn’t grant me permission to take photos of some one so scarcely dressed. Lol.

Loesje4Considering she actually wouldn’t be wearing much for this shoot, we decided on my studio in the Hague, in which I can easily create different backdrops. While dreaming up images I wanted to take, I constructed a moodboard on Pinterest with poses, clothing and make up ideas and also “how to” tips.
As you can imagine, Loesje and I had great fun in the studio, doing hair, false eyelashes, tugging her into her grandma’s undies…


Like the honeycomb backdrop? I ordered mine at PSIkhouvanjou, who has a lovely webshop selling all kinds of stuff. Love the birdcage veil? I made it myself. How to make one for yourself? Super easy with this tutorial from Designs by Megan Turnidge.


While shooting, I realised Loesje resembles our very own Dutch singer -who also does that vintage thing with flair- Caro Emerald and she also looks a bit like a Dutch actress -gone singer- called Carice van Houten. Loesje had done her fair share of research, getting all kinds of stuff together. Net stockings, her old satin party dress…


I had a great time, thanks so much for becoming a vintage bombshell, Loesje!