Richard and his Tyanna in Amsterdam


Once apon a time, there was this guy from the northest of north Holland, a tiny place in Friesland. Let’s name him Richard. When his girlfriend Tyanna graduated from high school, he wanted to surprise her in a way she had never been surprised before. So, that said, he dropped me a line and we agreed to meet up in Amsterdam.


When I met them, I realised they had a great vintage thing going on; Richard looking smart, like some one who had just walked out of a 50’s movie an d Tyanna had obviously gone out of he way to find the perfect dress for an occasion she still knew nothing about!
Tyanna was thrilled to be surprised like this by her very romantic lover. I think you can tell that from her face, don’t you?



Amsterdam. City of canals, of shops, of tourists and freedom. Where to start looking for vintage spots in this city, which is only 45 minutes drive from my hometown, the Hague?


A few weeks ago, while watching tv, I came across an interview with another lover of anything French. This guy designed an app for iPhone and Android with a visual tour of French Amsterdam; basically, anything remotely French that resides in this city! What this app-tour does, is take you around a 4 km walk, while showing you parts of French history. From buildings to shops, from hotels to restaurants. The app is the most expensive app I have ever bought, at € 3,99 but it did the trick.
J’aimsterdam can be found here.

So, there I was, walking around, trying to find the perfect spot for a shoot this week, when I came across more than a few gorgeous French-looking parts of the city centre. Though the challenge is to find a bridge or fence that doesn’t have numerous bikes chained  to it, or where the graffiti isn’t too obvious, I finally found the perfect location to shoot in.

The results will be on the blog soon, so keep in touch by signing up for the email notifications. Does Amsterdam appeal to you? Are you living in Holland? Or maybe visiting our capital for a weekend? Let’s get together for a shoot sometime!

Paris, city of DSLR filming and lights


Finally we made it over to Paris for a long weekend of lights, Christmas inspired shopping and exploring. But most of all, to shoot a small movie explaining what this ‘French Vintage photography-thing’ is all about.
The first days where spent looking for all the right places, comparing them to the story board I had made at home. Day four was spent filming with my Canon 5D MKII. We started the story at the famous Tour d’ Eiffel, continued on to the Pont d’ Amour – actually called Pont des Artes, but because of all the engraved padlocks locked to the brigde by lovers, it is now fondly known as Pont d’ Amour -, passed by some cafe’s on the way to warm up, climbed up Montmartre on high heels and ended the story at the Moulin Rouge.


Because there are so many second hand shops in Paris, we didn’t have any trouble at all finding the right clothing to fit the ‘look’, 50’s inspired Paris. The very best shop we came across was The Kilo Shop in the Marais, a shop containing not one, but two floors of every vintage item you could ever want! All you do is sort out what you might want, weigh it at the scales and pay. Great concept! Another great shop is Chez Chiffons that stocks everything from hats and shoes, to coats and dresses.
Le Marais, Paris’ gay headquarters, is my personal favorite when it comes down to fashion – which, trust me, it always does when in Paris – and the food, mostly Jewish falafel is exquisite! We stayed in a tiny apartment in Montparnasse, found on AirBNB, which catered to our every needs.


Now the obvious thing to do, is get down to some serious editing, music searching and get the thing online! To be continued…

Vintage Rotterdam

Rotterdam the first of many backdrops

The very first photo option has been mapped; the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam, with it’s rich history of wealthy and pour Rotterdam inhabitants leaving to find their luck in the USA by ship. This area is also home to the Dutch Photo Museum – also a good place to be inspired by loads of vintage photography –
It has parts, buildings even, that may seem quite derelict, some are being done up. All of the ancient warehouses along the pier are protected by heritage laws and have a long history.

Join me for a cup of coffee in Hotel NewYork, now a lovely vintage hotel, also serving food and drinks. Let’s explore how it would have felt in the 50’s, to leave your loved ones and travel the world, carrying your whole life in a small round suitcase… Do you see what I see?

Wilhelmina Pier

Want more background information about this location? 

Just around the corner you will find the EntrepotDok – even the name sounds French – where the old warehouses have been done up by the loving council of Rotterdam, though now no longer home to goods entering the Rotterdam harbour. The vintage buildings have been converted into houses, office buildings to the creative workers, shops and there are many restaurants dotted around for a secret lunch with your lover.


The concept: Come and see the 1950’s as they were. Pack your bags, bring your lover to wave you off and end up with some amazing vintage shots of you both in the process!