Vintage loveshoot in Amsterdam

Remember the walk I did in Amsterdam last week? Well, it was for this shoot! This lovely couple has been photographed by me before, but never in a setting like this.


Looking around one of the canals (Ouwezijds Achterburgwal), there is a small bakery that goes by the name “Maxime’s”. Yes, it sounds French, but f it was supposed to be, they didn’t quite manage the real French feel like you get in a proper boulangerie. Saying that…. Just around the corner to Maxime’s, there’s a gorgeous entrance to an antique bookstore called “Books for cooks“. Inside this entrance, you will find and original exhibit hall, with small stands like you find on the Seine in Paris. What a surprise!


I parked my car on the Herengracht, and while walking to meet Alex and Sylvie, I passed Australian Homemade, who we all know sells great chocolate. Window shopping, I saw some large macrons as well – what to call them? Maxi-macrons?- and I decided to include a few in the shoot, to compliment the French feeling. Personally, I love macrons. On our last trip to Paris, a few weeks ago, we picked up some very coulourfull specimens on Montmartre. They were amazing!


Alex is a graphic and interior designer and has his office building just around the corner to this location. Feeling a tad cold, and in need of coffee, we decided to shoot some photos in the warmth of his office. I know I never expected to find a pair of Chesterfields in the hallway or, as a matter of fact, a piano in the stairwell!
It was a day of fun photography, nice surprises, great coffee, sweet macrons and love…


Thanks Alex and Sylvie for modeling for this shoot!


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