Vintage in my studio? I don’t see why not…

Meet Loesje.
Loesje is a very typical Dutch name. She has a great vintage thing going on. When I first met her, she was wearing black rimmed, rather nerdy glasses -you know the type- which suit her to the moon and back!  We came up with this burlesque meets baroque theme, which we would have shot at a great location in Utrecht, were it not that they wouldn’t grant me permission to take photos of some one so scarcely dressed. Lol.

Loesje4Considering she actually wouldn’t be wearing much for this shoot, we decided on my studio in the Hague, in which I can easily create different backdrops. While dreaming up images I wanted to take, I constructed a moodboard on Pinterest with poses, clothing and make up ideas and also “how to” tips.
As you can imagine, Loesje and I had great fun in the studio, doing hair, false eyelashes, tugging her into her grandma’s undies…


Like the honeycomb backdrop? I ordered mine at PSIkhouvanjou, who has a lovely webshop selling all kinds of stuff. Love the birdcage veil? I made it myself. How to make one for yourself? Super easy with this tutorial from Designs by Megan Turnidge.


While shooting, I realised Loesje resembles our very own Dutch singer -who also does that vintage thing with flair- Caro Emerald and she also looks a bit like a Dutch actress -gone singer- called Carice van Houten. Loesje had done her fair share of research, getting all kinds of stuff together. Net stockings, her old satin party dress…


I had a great time, thanks so much for becoming a vintage bombshell, Loesje!


Vintage loveshoot in Amsterdam

Remember the walk I did in Amsterdam last week? Well, it was for this shoot! This lovely couple has been photographed by me before, but never in a setting like this.


Looking around one of the canals (Ouwezijds Achterburgwal), there is a small bakery that goes by the name “Maxime’s”. Yes, it sounds French, but f it was supposed to be, they didn’t quite manage the real French feel like you get in a proper boulangerie. Saying that…. Just around the corner to Maxime’s, there’s a gorgeous entrance to an antique bookstore called “Books for cooks“. Inside this entrance, you will find and original exhibit hall, with small stands like you find on the Seine in Paris. What a surprise!


I parked my car on the Herengracht, and while walking to meet Alex and Sylvie, I passed Australian Homemade, who we all know sells great chocolate. Window shopping, I saw some large macrons as well – what to call them? Maxi-macrons?- and I decided to include a few in the shoot, to compliment the French feeling. Personally, I love macrons. On our last trip to Paris, a few weeks ago, we picked up some very coulourfull specimens on Montmartre. They were amazing!


Alex is a graphic and interior designer and has his office building just around the corner to this location. Feeling a tad cold, and in need of coffee, we decided to shoot some photos in the warmth of his office. I know I never expected to find a pair of Chesterfields in the hallway or, as a matter of fact, a piano in the stairwell!
It was a day of fun photography, nice surprises, great coffee, sweet macrons and love…


Thanks Alex and Sylvie for modeling for this shoot!


Amsterdam. City of canals, of shops, of tourists and freedom. Where to start looking for vintage spots in this city, which is only 45 minutes drive from my hometown, the Hague?


A few weeks ago, while watching tv, I came across an interview with another lover of anything French. This guy designed an app for iPhone and Android with a visual tour of French Amsterdam; basically, anything remotely French that resides in this city! What this app-tour does, is take you around a 4 km walk, while showing you parts of French history. From buildings to shops, from hotels to restaurants. The app is the most expensive app I have ever bought, at € 3,99 but it did the trick.
J’aimsterdam can be found here.

So, there I was, walking around, trying to find the perfect spot for a shoot this week, when I came across more than a few gorgeous French-looking parts of the city centre. Though the challenge is to find a bridge or fence that doesn’t have numerous bikes chained  to it, or where the graffiti isn’t too obvious, I finally found the perfect location to shoot in.

The results will be on the blog soon, so keep in touch by signing up for the email notifications. Does Amsterdam appeal to you? Are you living in Holland? Or maybe visiting our capital for a weekend? Let’s get together for a shoot sometime!