Design can be vintage too


I was having a pretty hard time trying to decide on the designs for Mais Oui Vintage. I looked all around for inspiration, and finally came up with this design; clean and very simple but with that old fashioned thing going on.

Although we do have stamp makers in the Netherlands, the ones I contacted seemed to either not understand my needs, or only be interested in working for big companies producing more than 10 stamps at once for them. That is not what I want! So… back to the drawing board, back to Etsy, where I had been very lucky in the past.
When designing the wedding invites for a couple, I came up with the idea to have a custom stamp made for them that we could use on the invites, but also later on thank you cards. I designed the stamp and ordered it from a designer on Etsy, who understood exactly what I wanted. It looks lovely, with it’s wooden handle en rubber stamp on the bottom.

San from Hawaii seemed happy once again to make my stamp and it arrived last week. I had real simple cards printed and spent an afternoon stamping away at the kitchen table.

It gives the business cards and envelopes that vintage feel, I think.


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