Vintage Rotterdam

Rotterdam the first of many backdrops

The very first photo option has been mapped; the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam, with it’s rich history of wealthy and pour Rotterdam inhabitants leaving to find their luck in the USA by ship. This area is also home to the Dutch Photo Museum – also a good place to be inspired by loads of vintage photography –
It has parts, buildings even, that may seem quite derelict, some are being done up. All of the ancient warehouses along the pier are protected by heritage laws and have a long history.

Join me for a cup of coffee in Hotel NewYork, now a lovely vintage hotel, also serving food and drinks. Let’s explore how it would have felt in the 50’s, to leave your loved ones and travel the world, carrying your whole life in a small round suitcase… Do you see what I see?

Wilhelmina Pier

Want more background information about this location? 

Just around the corner you will find the EntrepotDok – even the name sounds French – where the old warehouses have been done up by the loving council of Rotterdam, though now no longer home to goods entering the Rotterdam harbour. The vintage buildings have been converted into houses, office buildings to the creative workers, shops and there are many restaurants dotted around for a secret lunch with your lover.


The concept: Come and see the 1950’s as they were. Pack your bags, bring your lover to wave you off and end up with some amazing vintage shots of you both in the process!


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